Many Thanks in advance for all your Support

Your prayers are a very important way that you can support this ministry. All glory to Jesus Christ.


Please read below for Ministry support information.

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Any donations received will be used for everyday expenses (website, domain, web hosting, the internet, medical expenses, groceries, gas, purchasing materials, and giving to those who require items such as Bibles). WE ARE NOT A 501-C Ministry; therefore, all donations made to TFG Ministries will NOT be eligible for tax deductions.

You will not receive any other persuasive materials in exchange for your support.

All content is free, always, regardless of any support. Do not feel obligated to support in any way.

Please ensure whatever you are giving is out of excess.
Please do not give if you feel you have been manipulated in any way.
Please do not give if you cannot afford to.

We appreciate any help we receive, but we want to ensure your household is taken care of first (1 Timothy 5:8).
I am living check to check and work a full-time job, just like many of you out there. I understand that it is not easy out there in this world. I appreciate your well intentions but consider that prayer alone is the best way to support any ministry.
Jesus is Lord!

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My name is Nephtali Mercado, and I would like to personally thank you for visiting our website.

This ministry began on December 20th, 2007, when my walk with the Lord led me to create a Christian-based Youtube channel,

It all started in the corner of a bedroom, with an old laptop computer.

I asked Jesus Christ to please help me learn how the edit videos, and that he surely did. As time progressed, video preaching began to reach people in all continents of the world. I have met so many brothers and sisters around the world who even use the ministry videos as Bible studies in their homes, Glory to Jesus Christ.

As well as working a full-time secular job, I run this ministry from my home. I try and cut down the maintenance costs as much as possible by doing as much as I can myself. We wanted to do as much as possible on our end so that we wouldn’t become a burden on the Body of Christ.

The ministry continues to expand with a budget of zero dollars. We are now available on Youtube, Facebook, and Roku Television channels worldwide (Bible TV). This is all in addition to this Christian online fellowship website.

In our role as a ministry, as part of the Body of Christ, we trust the Lord entirely that He is faithful and will help us cover our costs, and so to this end, we do not make any merchandise, or monetize our videos on social media. This website, as one of its functions, provides high-quality videos that people can download for free and use as edifying tools to spread, God's word. We feel it important that we are able to provide all these things at no charge to those who need them.

Without Jesus Christ, none of this would be possible, not the preaching, not the message, not the love, and not the growth. God is in charge, and His hands sustain us overall.

To the Glory of God, we have reached many people online through this Ministry and we want to continue doing so. Every person that is reached with the Word of God through this Ministry makes it worthwhile.

Obviously, because we do not have merchandise or monetize in any way, this means we are even more grateful to you for considering to support us, as we want to be able to continue reaching people through this Ministry. Your donation, whether large or small, really does make a difference to us, and we are truly grateful that you feel moved to support us.