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We are devoted to building up the Body of Christ and Glorifying The King of Kings in all aspects. Our videos our created to bring light to the darkness and truth to a world full of deception. We are committed to direct all to love God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ above all other things.

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We have warriors that petition the Lord on your behalf and you can pray for others. Submit your prayer needs here and pray for others as well.

Stefanie: Please pray for my family. The video you posted regarding the Jezebel Spirit really helped me realize what my family is really fighting. The maternal grandmother of my son's child has manipulated the court system and stolen her daughter and my son's baby. She lied to everyone. She made up terrible lies about her daughter and about my son until CAS or children's aid took the child and gave it to her.-to the grandmother who lied !!! She put some sort of medication in her daughter's food so that her daughter was walking into walls and seeing people that weren't there. My son told me that this maternal grandmother and grandfather told him to put medicine in her daughter's food and not make it known to her. My son refused, but they got to their daughter somehow. The child's mother was a great mother ! She breast fed and loved my grandchild. But within 2 weeks of having contact with her own mother, she started walking into walls, acting confused, and seeing people that weren't there. They admitted her into the hospital and I tried to tell the staff what they had been doing to their daughter to get the child, but no one would listen to me. No one would believe me that someone would actually put drugs in someone else's food without them knowing - especially her own child - needless to sat, she worked on my son until he had a nervous break down. She broke into his home and took the child while they slept and attacked my son physically while my son was holding the child but no one would believe us. Her daughter is a complete mess and will never be allowed to have custody of her own child again. My son 's life has fallen apart after buying his first home at 19 years old and getting promoted to a position above others who had worked at his same company for 20 years. The child is being neglected and ignored by her maternal grandmother who fought so hard to take her from it's parents. Please pray for us. Please pray that God will come against the Jezebel, narcissistic spirit that is causing this rift and problem in our family. They are both wonderful parents and people. But somehow this maternal grandmother has torn their lives apart. Now that she has her daughter's child, she went to Ottawa, Ontario, and broke up her son's marriage and now has pushed the mother away and has full time custody of that child too. Oh help this family by prayer. Please pray for us. A child's life depends upon it.
May 22, 2019
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Bel: We need a financial breakthrough urgently.We also need a good job too.
May 21, 2019
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Richard C: Please pray that a single story apartment will come available for me as soon as possible. I'm on a waiting list and it could take up to six months. Thank you so much for your prayers in Jesus name, Amen. God Bless you all. .
May 18, 2019
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