Many Thanks in advance for all your Support

A very important way that you could support this ministry is through your prayers. To Jesus Christ be all the glory.


Please, read below before considering supporting our ministry.



PLEASE, before considering supporting our ministry, review the following:

This ministry was established on December 20 , 2007, when my walk with the lord led me to creating a Christian based Youtube channel . We are NOT a 501-C Ministry and all donations to TFG Ministries will NOT be eligible for tax deductions. We prefer to be NON 501-C.

In 2007 I asked Jesus Christ to help me learn how to edit videos and he surely did! I wanted to create teachings and documentaries in a professional manner that would be provided to people for free. As time progressed, the video preaching’s began to reach a lot of people worldwide; some even use them as bible studies in their homes, Glory to Jesus Christ.

Although I do my best to sustain the ministry expenses (I work a full time job); as the sole provider for my household (Wife takes care of our special needs daughter), I am limited on how much I can stop working in my full time job and perform full time ministry (It’s a balance).

I have gone from working 65 + hours per week to around 40 to ensure I can also do full time work weekly. I just like to ensure that you know that I am trying my best to work!

Your support is appreciated and needed as via it, I am able offset ministry expenses and more. Any donation gifts received will be used for everyday expenses such as (Website, Domain, Hosting, General Expenses, Groceries, Food Pantry, Gas, Bible and so forth).

  1. You will not receive any persuasive materials in exchange for your gift. All content is free always. Do not feel obligated to support, take care of your family first!
  2. Please do not support if you cannot afford to do so. I appreciate your kindness but I also understand that times are rough. I live check to check myself and do not want to see you go through a need to help our ministry. Family first (1 Timothy 5:8)

Support Options:

  1. Paypal – Support Us Here
  2. Support us via Mail at:
    Nephtali Mercado
    PO BOX 4276
    Enterprise, FL 32725

Any questions or concerns, contact us and thank You!